I’m Jan Dittrich and write here on UX Research as well as education, data analysis and programming in my blog.

UX Research

I find out the needs, problems and activities of (potential) users and evaluate prototypes and products – from strategy and idea generation over minimal prototypes to the in-depth evaluation of a product. My methods include interviews, observation, co-design, think-aloud protocols, time-on-task and analytics

My approach is lean, iterative and can be applied in close collaboration with a team.

Design Methods

How can we design better?

There are many methods for design research, idea generation and implementation. But which give the desired results, are suited for beginners or help to uncover and resolve problems? I am interested in such methods as well as empirical research on design processes.


Teaching Design is a highly entangled and iterative process. Step-by-step instructions or lofty, but abstract »general principles« will fail the learner.

My educational approach is based on educational research, design methods and the evaluation of my past classes.

Have a look at the Beginners Guide to User Needfinding. It is a libre textbook under a CC license.


For implementing interactive prototypes, programming is an important asset. I mainly use JavaScript and libraries like jQuery, Vue and Underscore.

Aside of Java Script I know a bit Python and R as well. While Python is a great general-purpose language, R is my tool of choice to analyse data. It has an obscure syntax though.

Data Analysis

To be literate in experimental research methods and statistical tests is important to evaluate research and to analyse ones own data.

I am as well interested in teaching statistics and help students to gain a better understanding of the often not very intuitive concepts.