Libre User Research

A collection of free-as-in-freedom resources for user research.

Each resource has a brief description, a source and the license. However, to be sure you should look up the license on the source (this is what matters).

User Research Templates and Examples

Idno User Research

A nice collection of possible questions, guidelines and pretext.


License:CC0 Templates

Lots of templates like reports, release forms, screeners…

License: Public Domain



System Usability Scale

The System Usability Scale (SUS) is a well evaluated, time proven and easy-to-use short questionnaire to determine the usability of a product and to compare it to other designs.

License: Public Domain

Source English:

Source German:


  • For remote qualitative interviews, use – open source videochat and screensharing in your browser
  • Qualitative Research data can be analyzed well in a Wordprocessor, like Libreoffice Writer.
  • Statistics can be done well in R/RStudio. The not-programming-inclined will be happy with the easy-to-use JASP (more Bayesian), Jamovi (more classic stats) or just Libreoffice calc.

General Resources with section(s) on User Research

Usability in Free Software

A guide to improving the usability of (open source) software – including sections or recruiting and research. Superpower: Can add a 5th essential freedom to Open source software: »The freedom to use the program effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily«

License: Creative Commons BY-SA


User Need Research/Ethnography

Beginners Guide to finding User’s needs

Disclaimer: I wrote this, so I am not impartial here. I hope it helps along nevertheless :)

A Beg­inner’s Guide to Finding User Needs is a book (~100p equivalent) on how to interview and observe future users, how to analyze data and how to report it.

License: Creative Commons By

Source: read online at or get ebook and templates at

How to do a research interview

Since conducting research interviews relies on the »right« behavior, a video is a great way to learn how to do it. This video shows what to avoid and how it can be done better.

Duration: 18min

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA


Steve Portigal on Analyzing Interviews

License: CC BY SA 3 or any later version.


The Challenges of Small Business Owners

A visual summary of  an ethnographic research, showing participants, their statements and observations. Nice example of what an ethnographic research can deal with and which data matters.

Duration: 9min

License: Creative Commons BY 3.0


Nookie tour - Commonwealth July 2013

An interview/observation of a man walking us through a shell construction which is going to be his house while describing how he wants it to be like when its finished. This too is a nice example of what an ethnographic research can deal with and which data matters.

Duration: 9min

License: Creative Commons BY 3.0


What is it like to be 16?

Duration: 4min

License: Creative Commons 3 BY


How do people choose the meat they buy?

A presentation of  in-context research.

Duration: 3:30

Creative Commons 3 BY


The Craft of Surgery

A tailor and a surgeon talk about the similarities of surgery and tailoring.

Duration: 15min

Creative Commons 3 BY


Recycled emotions

I included this video to show an example for an creative approach in interviewing. The participants get emotions, written on little balls. They sort them into bins: recycle (experience again or think about them further) and »throw away«. For a research project, it would be interesting to ask people why they decided how they did and which experiences they had in regards to this emotion etc.

Duration: 2:30


Creative Commons 3 BY