If you speak »User«, it may be hard to understand

On the anthrodesign mailinglist was a recent discussion on »effective deliverables«. Reading through the replies, one stroke a chord in me:

(Highlight by me)

[…] I ve had a few 'aha' moments in my career where I realize I'm basically talking in "user" language and expecting my audience to be able to and want to do the same. I've realized that "user" language can sound a bit generic to folks who are really deep in the product weeds. So while over time I might want them to be able to speak "user", sometimes it requires me to meet them where they are in both format and language as a starting place. So for example, "This thing is really important to users, pay attention!" becomes "Make this feature prominent in these ways" […].

(Lindsay Kenzig)

I really liked this statement: It is easy to get, offers practical advice and is not a generic »Do« or »Don’t«, but a suggested perspective to take when thinking about communicating research to your clients. So I asked Lindsay if I might share it here, and here it is.