Teaching Material Usability Tests

Testing Interview Analysis

As I found out in the research on last term's class, some things were easy and enjoyed by the students, while some were difficult, like analysing interviews. So I tried out way I explain interview analysis : I recorded a short interview and let people analyse it after explained it to them. I just wanted to see if it was used like I expected, so I did not have a control group or the like; it was more design testing than sciency testing. Nevertheless I was quite happy when people were able to grasp the basic concept and apply it. All were able to listen through the interviews, extract meaningful pieces and to connect those in a way that revealed some data-based insights for them.

...and the Workbook

In the class I use some self-written a workbook to remind the students of important things when preparing, doing and analysing user research.It is not a long document, so I asked people to read through it while telling me what they think. This is basically a think alout-usability test.Others may call it a live-proofreading ;-) Like usual proofreading it was incredibly useful: I wondered how some sentences ended up being written in such a difficult-to-get way. As well different people pointed out different problems, so it was good to have several looking at it. To sum it up:  I applied  usability-methods to teaching-materials and it turned out to be quite similar to what happens when you test software.